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ProFax Services

Pro Fax Services

(800) 369-3850 - (561) 585-4564

PRO FAX Professional Faxing

ProFax is the professional faxing alternative for large volume faxing. In today's fast-paced, time-is-money world, you need to know how to get the most out of every resource. Large volume faxing is the solution to the ever increasing demand of providing up to date information to hundreds of recipients at a time.

ProFax is easy to use. Once we have your database of recipients on file, you simply fax to us the information you want distributed along with a distribution request, and within 24 hours that fax can be sent to all your recipients.

In today's ever changing - highly competitive business world, getting information distributed quickly and easily can mean having the edge on your competition.

With ProFax - you don't have to wait for information to be printed, envelopes stuffed, and the Post Office to deliver! The information is there!

Call us today and let us show you how our service can help increase your business.

Some of the services provided include:

This includes entering the recipients name, address and phone numbers for the information to be faxed to.

ProFax can help in the design and layout of the pages to be sent, including scanning in images and logos.

Data Entry $0.25 / name Data import from disk $25.00

An average fax would consist of a single page of text, and sent within 60 hours of receipt, during off-peak hours (10.00 pm - 6.00 am).

Base rate of $35.00 plus $0.10 for the first page, and $0.08 per each additional page.

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the Florida Statutes on Unsolicited Faxing

Document and Data Management Services
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Strategic Advisory Services

Our evolutionary approach to Business Process Reengineering not only can help you reduce cost, improve quality and increase efficiency, but also evaluate the impact of current processes and changes on strategic initiatives. We know there’s no single approach that works for every organization, thus we carefully tailor solutions based on our knowledge of the client, their environments and the way they do business.

Capture, Imaging, Storage & Retrieval

Often administrative services such as data processing, mailroom services, scanning, data capture or document management can drain an organization’s resources. We can assume many of these tasks, resulting in more streamlined operations and productivity.


The management of data capture begins in the mail room. We offer proven methodologies and a combination of best in class over the counter and proprietary tools such as our barcode technology based scanning software to receive, track and apply custom business rules to incoming documents. We can help any client optimize their mailroom functionality that improves productivity and provides quantifiable savings.

Media Conversion

Offering Media Conversion services since 1989, our computer support services partner has experience scanning everything from antique postage stamps to every day documents. We can process and convert data from nearly every conceivable media, including original documents, books, maps, blueprints, CD/DVDs, optical media, magnetic media, digital media, offline media and offline hardware—allowing you to upgrade or migrate to a new business process or platform that requires a specific media.

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