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Off-Site Data Storage

Becker Systems
Providing custom solutions since 1988


1. Store Critical Data

  • Critical data files can be uploaded to our server each day or as scheduled.
  • Ideal way for the small business owner to keep backup data offsite and protected.

2. Access the data from anywhere

  • The data can be accessed from any web enabled computer.
  • Access is password protected for security.

3. Expand as your business expands

  • The system is flexible and expandable.
  • Files can be backed up daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Store multible copies of your data at one time
  • Receive e-mail notification of files that have been copied.

4. Low Monthly Fee

  • Starting at just $25.00 per month for up to 50 Megs of data. ($40.00 with dial-up account)
  • Setup is only $49.00 per computer. Multiple computers can use the same off-site storage area.

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