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Nozel Nolen
Nozel Nolen
23 June, 2010
John Becker, President of Florida Business Association recently contracted with Nozel Nolen to fumigate a property in Palm Beach County.

Nozel Nolen originally scheduled the fumigation for June Monday June 14th only to have it rescheduled to Monday June 21st and then once again rescheduled to Wednesday June 23, 2010.

Nozel Nolen attitude in this whole matter was 'too bad!'

Nozel Nolen was very co-operative prior to entering into a contract for fumigation. Once the contract was signed and they received their deposit, they took on a whole new attitude.

On the day of the scheduled fumigation, they expected someone to sit and wait for them from 8am in the morning until 11pm at night. That was the window of service that was provided. They refuse to let the unit owner place a lock box on the door or leave a phone number for the employees to call to gain access.

Florida Business Association will not recommend Nozel Nolen.


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